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Holiday Print Sale and Fundraiser

10 prints for $55, half of the profits to Charity Water

Sat 29 November 2014

I've put together a collection of my best images from the past six months for a holiday sale. Each order gives half of the profits to my favorite charity, Charity: Water.

Charity: Water is a very effective organization with 100% of donated funds going to provide people around the world with clean drinking water.

Here's the link to order, read on for details.

The deal: Normally I sell 8x12 prints for $40 each. In this collection you get five 8x12 prints mailed together for $55. Of that amount I'll keep half of the profits and give the rest to Charity: Water. As volume increases, costs will go down and more will be donated from each order.

Each image will be professionally printed on Kodak Professional Endura Supra Lustre with a thin white border. The prints are done by Adorama, the same printers who I used to decorate the walls of my previous apartment in California.

Framing: If you would like the images framed that will cost substantially more so I'm selling them for $75 each. The prints come in a black frame with white matting. Normally these would sell for around $200. Again half of the profits will go to Charity: Water. The donation should be $15-20 per framed print.

The sale runs until December 10th so that I can guarantee shipping in time for Christmas. At the end of the sale I'll provide buyers with a final tally of how much was donated.

The link again order here.

P.S. I wanted to keep the offer as simple as possible. If you want to make any substitutions for framed prints send me an email separately (jeremiahr@gmail.com) and I'll get it done.

The Images

Sunrise at Mt. Bromo, Indonesia. August 2014.

Commuting in Cambodia. Outside Siem Reap, May 2014.

Marching for the King's Birthday. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. May, 2014.

Rainy day in Shanghai. June, 2014.

Traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam. June, 2014.

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Feedback on The Signal So Far

"The description is so vivid, it almost feels like I'm there."

Sat 22 November 2014

Monks marching in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. May, 2014.

Feedback on The Signal so far:

  • "The description is so vivid, it almost feels like I'm there."
  • "Love these updates."
  • "Amen brother."
  • "I love the model that you've established Jeremiah and think what you have is so perfect."
  • "I’m living vicariously in a faraway, strange, and wonderful land through your photos and writing – never actually felt that way before."

My theory was that communicating directly with people would lead to better content than posting to Facebook or my blog. That seems to be holding up. Very excited for the future of this.

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The Signal #2: Life on My Sidewalk (sample)

A sample of content from The Signal

Fri 21 November 2014

My new apartment, the first home I’ve had in seven months, is about a quarter mile from where the king of Cambodia sleeps at night. It’s a rich neighborhood by any stretch. My rent is about $250 per month, which is more than the average Cambodian makes in a quarter. Yet outside it’s still full on culture.

Children playing on my street in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

One of the reasons I moved here is because the sidewalks are so alive. This neighborhood is particularly good for it. On the sidewalks outside my door a gang of nude, dirty, giggling children chase each other around. A boy with his rear hanging halfway out of his pants jumbles and runs around to the point of almost dancing. Kids kick a small soccer ball that seems to be elegantly folded from scrap paper.

Read the rest by subscribing to The Signal.

A boy playing on my street in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Getting a Good Deal on Travel Insurance

Pick the duration carefully.

Fri 21 November 2014

I just renewed my travel insurance from World Nomads (no affiliate relationship) for another six months. Although I've never had to make a claim they seem to provide solid service at a reasonable price and are recommended by Lonely Planet.

If you decide to ever buy insurance from World Nomads you should be aware that different durations have surprisingly different monthly rates. I ran the full estimates for one to twelve month travel insurance for a 29 year old American male from World Nomads and found again, just like last time I did this, that six months is an optimal period.

There's no penalty for creating a new contract while still on the road so I've again opted for six months. Run the numbers yourself — the savings is too big to pass up for a long term traveller.

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Why I Use VSCO Film

I hate post processing. VSCO makes life easier.

Thu 20 November 2014

Note: This article does not have any affiliate links. If you want to buy the film packs I talk about just go here and get VSCO film packs 1 and 4. I won't get any kickbacks.

I couldn't disagree more with this article disparaging the use of VSCO film. A ton of the pictures on this website are processed using VSCO Fuji Provia 100F and VSCO Kodak Portra 400F.

Why? Because I hate post-processing color images. So did most people who shot color film. With VSCO I trust that someone else has gone through the work to create post-processing profiles that get decent colors. I just shoot the image in the camera and maybe adjust the exposure later. To me that's worth the $50-100 that each film pack costs (depending on volume).

An image shot on actual Fuji Provia 100F on a Mamiya 6 rangefinder. Cropped from square format.

I thought about shooting my travels on actual film, but when I added up the costs of one roll of film per day for two years including developing I would have spent over $10,0001. Going digital just made a lot more economic sense and keeps my gear far lighter.

I shoot using VSCO film profiles because I think film looks better but I don't want to pay for it or wait for it. Professionals do this too. Sebastião Salgado's workflow involves shooting on digital then having the results processed in a uniform way digitially and exposed onto film negatives. Afterward he prints from negatives in a darkroom.

Beijing, China. Shot and processed with VSCO Film. Instead of worrying about every aspect of development I got the exposure right in the camera and let VSCO do the rest. This shot looks find and didn't overload my low powered computer spending all day editing.

Why film packs? Going deeper, I think our minds are used to the colors from film. Done right, using the same colors as old film to shoot in the modern day plays tricks with my mind. It gives me a bit of distance from current events and makes them look like a medium I'm familiar with from viewing in my childhood.

Just like movie producers spend lots of money on software to resample their movies at 1/24 second, I'm spending some money to make my individual images look more like old 35mm film like.

One more thing: these days I'm shooting a lot of black and white images. For black and and white I've developed my own preset loosely based on this Fuji 100 RVP color preset by Terrance Lam. Terrance's preset does a great job increasing the dynamic range of raw files to the higher levels represented in film without adding saturation. If you're interested in the VSCO packs I'd suggest downloading Terrance's preset first and seeing if it does the job you need.

This was an original piece for the blog and was not published in The Signal.

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  1. There's a good chance that shooting film means I only would have shot one to three rolls per week, making the film cost a lot lower, but I didn't want to find that out later. 

  2. At least it was worth $80 compared to the price of shooting an actual trip on film. 

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